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Quick Update, January 2012

Things are all going well here in the UK (which is where I am based, in case you were wondering.)

More and more people are joining our community here and the site is forever being cleaned up and re-vamped, making it simpler, more attractive and easier to use. Also, the site has newly been renamed to 'Writers Ink', waving goodbye to 'Anniebel Ink', but no worries: Anniebel lives on, and you can still read her stories and poems. 

The doors are now being opened wide to any authors out there who wish their poems to be displayed on this site permanently. Through the 'contact us' page you will find on the top bar, you can contact us by submitting any poems of your choice by simply typing them into a message or attach a document by emailing it to me at anniebel@live.co.uk; I will read your work and post it in the blog in due course, for the wide world to see!

Personal news now: Mendacii Key (of which you can find the first chapter in the blog) is racing along nicely, having completed the 13th chapter yesterday, reaching over 18,500 words and 50 pages!

Thank you for your continuing support,


Quick Update, December 2011

Interested in reading and giving your critiquing skills a go? Pop over to the http://anniebel.webs.com/apps/blog/ to read my new story, Mendacii Key. It is an exciting tale of murder, corruption, betrayal and lies. Read the first few chapters that are posted to find out more.

You can now also watch the book trailer for Mendacii Key, all new and supposedly HD... ! Click here http://anniebel.webs.com/apps/videos/ to watch it.

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